4 Things to Consider When Creating or Updating Your Employee Handbook

COVID-19 has rocked the business world (and everyone else’s). Now is the time to learn from the past and get prepared for the future. Let’s focus on what to do now to put our businesses in a better position tomorrow

One of the first items you can cross off your laundry list of projects is creating or updating your employee handbook. Now, don’t get nervous or intimidated.  If you don’t have one.  Now is the time to GET IT DONE!  Even if you have an existing handbook, today is the day to review and make necessary updates based on our ‘new normal’.

TIP: Check your existing handbook for topics to include work remote policies, smoking policies, technology policies, social media policies, etc.

Many business owners often wonder why an employee handbook is needed. If our current pandemic situation isn’t your first sign, here are 4 more reasons. 

1. Culture

When you are building your team, you want to give candidates a reason to work, aside from their paycheck.  Providing them with your welcome message, your mission, vision, and values, is the first step in providing your employees a sense of community and sense of belonging. 

2. Communication

Your employee handbook should be clear, consistent, and concise.  You want everyone in your organization, from bottom to top and in between, to know the standard employee policies decreasing team confusion.  

TIP: Check out our good friend Laura Camacho. She is the Master of Communication. 

3. Expectations

Let your employee handbook set the tone of what is expected, both from the employee and the employer.  Your employee handbook is not meant to be intimating or a tactic to scare your team or new hires.  Your employee handbook is your play book that tells you exactly what you need to do and what is expected.  The handbook is a two-way street. 

4. Accountability

Once you have set your expectations, the culture, and the tone, and have communicated with your employees, you can now hold yourself and others accountable. HUGE. Once your guidelines are established, accountability will follow.

Get started on your handbook.

When you are all working from the same playbook, you will be on your way to improved communication, expectations, and accountability. You and your employees will be happy you did.  

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— Kat & Ashleigh
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