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Because successful business owners should never stop learning, we’re developing a selection of virtual courses designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to position your company for continued growth and success.

Our Learn with Allora Packages include six weeks of e-learning modules coupled with six 40-minute one-on-one coaching calls. We’ll guide you through each course from start to finish, answering critical questions along the way.

There’s never been a better time to invest in the essentials. Let’s get started.

Employee Handbook Basics

A Guide to Developing THE GUIDE


To show our support of small businesses during the ongoing pandemic, we’re offering our Employee Handbook Virtual Course Package at 50% off. The package includes:
  • 11 Video Modules
  • 6 40-minute Coaching Calls
  • 1 Employee Handbook Template
  • Dozens of resources to help you design the details

Learn with Allora


Employee Handbook


While Employee Handbooks have always been essential, COVID-19 has taught us to prepare for the future in new and different ways, including developing or revising your Employee Handbook to reflect the changes of our new normal. 
Our Employee Handbook webinar provides a basic overview of the changes every business owner should be aware of.