Invest in your people. It pays dividends.

Investing doesn’t always equate to money. Investing in your people can also mean time and resources. Yes, often times resources is money, but it could be voluntary benefits, an added PTO day, or even better, develop their skills with workshops.

It doesn’t have to be an enormous financial commitment made by the employer, but investing in your employees shows that you are willing to create a harmonious environment for them to thrive. Your employees (humans) want to feel valued and appreciated. Taking the time to ask them questions, will speak volumes about your commitment to them. Even better, do something with the information they give you!

Start by asking questions and then, LISTEN. Put your phone down and don’t look at your computer. The fundamental part of communication is listening. Let them tell you what they want. How do you know if you don’t ask? Not all employees are the same and neither are all organizations. The solutions will not be the same. When in doubt, COMMUNICATE! The bottom line is that you must communicate in order to grow your relationship with your employees and to grow your business.

Invest in your employees with your time, gratitude, and resources. It will go a long way. When you genuinely care, it shows. As the leader of your organization, it is your responsibility to lift up your employees so they can grow, personally and professionally. It will pay dividends.

Start the conversation!

When business gets better, life gets better.
— Kat & Ashleigh
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