Business Solutionaries Podcast

Kat Leitner & Ashleigh Metherall zero-in on the day-to-day challenges and opportunities facing small to mid-sized business owners when the reality is, no two days are the same!

Kat Leitner & Ashleigh Metherell share their passion for solving the day-to-day challenges facing many small and mid-sized businesses. Their “show us your problem, and we’ll find you a solution” attitude takes listeners on an energizing, fact-finding journey toward improved operations and outcomes in their Business Solutionaries Podcast. 

Megan Flora of Angel Oak CrossFit talks straight about her journey from growing up in rural Virginia and playing college sports to becoming a Level 3 CrossFit coach, a title she shares proudly with fewer than 1000 other people in the world. A teacher at heart, Megan tells the story of her first step-class at her local YMCA and how that experience shaped her future both personally and professionally.