Employee Handbooks

An Employee Handbook is your most valuable communication tool. It outlines employment basics and workplace policies and procedures while providing relevant information about your business’s background, vision, and mission. It’s your top resource for employment laws and employer and employee expectations.

At Allora, we specialize in helping small businesses craft Employee Handbooks from the ground up or refresh handbooks that need updating.

Working together, we clearly outline standard policies like working hours, PTO, vacation, compensation, performance reviews, and benefits.

We add critical policies and procedures around standards of conduct, sexual harassment, drug and alcohol use, computer and social media use, contractual disclaimers, and at-will employment statements.

Your Employee Handbook is essential to everyday operations because it protects against discrimination and unfair claims.

Every employee should have a copy and provide written acknowledgement of having received it. Don’t make the mistake of not having one or not keeping it accurate. It’s an essential business tool.

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