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As Outsourcing Solutionaries, it’s our job to create operating standards that establish a foundation of excellence upon which you can empower your team and ultimately grow your business.

Our goal is to prepare you to withstand the disruptions of a modern, ever-changing business climate where anything, even a pandemic, is possible. The more organized you are on the front-end, the more likely you’ll avoid risk and achieve positive outcomes on the back-end by having formal structures in place to navigate bottlenecks with solid solutions. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manuals

We’re big believers in putting everything in writing. We view a comprehensive SOP manual as a full tank of gas that gets you where you need to go. We’ll guide the development or re-creation of your SOP by auditing existing processes and responsibilities. Together, we’ll define your business’s daily operating standards and create a map for employees to follow that reinforces critical expectations. If you need it, we’ll facilitate small-group workshops to resolve conflict and provide tactics for improving uncomfortable situations.

Emergency Manuals

Emergency Manuals lay out the game plan for nearly every situation, whether it’s hurricane season, unknown intruders, or general employee safety. Using best practices, we’ll design a manual that outlines potential emergencies with step-by-step instructions for communicating, reporting, and documenting. We’ll incorporate Business Continuation Plans to continue “business as usual” despite unwanted circumstances. Emergency Manuals are the extra insurance you need to face unexpected landmines head-on.

Workplace Policies & Standards

Has anyone ever asked you, “What’s our medical leave policy?” Or “What do I do if there is a customer complaint?” Documenting all workplace policies and anticipating others is how we help you advance your daily operations and empower your people. We do the heavy lifting so your business can grow and develop the way it’s supposed to, with support from a strong foundation of organizational excellence.

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