Smart business processes are a passport to growth and sustainability. By developing, evaluating, and managing your policies and procedures on a regular basis, you’re building a foundation of excellence that can withstand the disruptions of a modern, ever-changing business climate.

If that’s where you’re headed, let us help.

Guiding the Development of Your SOP Manual

Policies and procedures are essential to your business. They define day-to-day operating standards, reinforce expectations, and help to create an atmosphere of respect among employees.

Without them, you’re operating in the dark.

At Allora, we guide the creation or revision of your SOPs by auditing existing processes and responsibilities and uncovering unnecessary gaps or weaknesses.

If you need a deeper dive, we facilitate conversations in a workshop format around uncomfortable issues, such as personality conflicts, reporting structures, and communication bottlenecks that makes it easier to navigate landmines and identify solutions that will propel you forward.

The more comprehensive your SOP, the greater your outcomes.

Refining Processes to Boost Productivity

In a world where more, better, faster is the name of the game, if you aren’t continually evaluating and evolving processes you’re probably losing money. The fastest way to boost margins is to eliminate waste and create efficiencies that buy you more time to focus on what’s most important to growing your business.

Are your documents organized and electronic? Are your finances automated?  Are the right people in the right jobs? Are you overlooking valuable pieces of information that could help you achieve maximum efficiency? These are just some of the questions we ask when evaluating your productivity.

At Allora, we partner with you to analyze current operations, identify key areas of focus, and prioritize next steps. We’re here to guide and support you, while also providing resources that will amplify your progress.

The more refined your processes, the greater your outcomes.

Making Your Technology Work for You

Have you joined the paperless revolution? Are you benefitting from a cloud-based server? Have you determined which CRM is best for you? Or ecommerce platform?

Technology audits are another way to check under the hood to evaluate what’s working well and what’s not. Is your internet speed slowing you down? Could you benefit from an electronic data management system? Is it time to upgrade your computers and laptops?

At Allora, we partner with you to analyze your current technology suite and provide guidance and resources to help you work better and faster. We’ll assess internal and external communications strategies and make recommendations for creating a robust remote work environment. By keeping your finger on the pulse of your technology needs, you’ll have less risk and more reward.

The more automated and integrated your technology, the greater your outcomes.

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