People Solutions

High-performing teams can accelerate the success of your business, but they require high-performing environments that take time and strategy to build.

Our outsourcing services include hiring and retaining top talent, building effective practices for communication and compensation, and designing Employee Handbooks that outline goals and expectations. We help small businesses advance HR strategies to improve internal and external outcomes.

Human Resources Management

We partner with you to analyze your needs and goals and design a structure to resolve workplace challenges and implement practices to eliminate future roadblocks. We customize systems for establishing the culture you want by equipping you with new skills, resources, and an HR toolkit that keeps your organization functioning with a high level of energy, focus, and confidence.

Hiring Support

Hiring and retaining talent is more complicated than ever for small businesses. Plus, we know the adverse effects one bad hire can have on a productive team. Our services help you identify, hire, and onboard new team members and create streamlined processes for future hires. In some cases, we’re part of employee review, improvement planning, and separation agreements. From communication practices to job descriptions, we make building the team you want easier.

Employee Handbooks

It’s true that one small thing, like an Employee Handbook, can have a major impact on your operation. Why? Because documenting critical policies and procedures like PTO and emergency closings, takes the guesswork out of the work equation and empowers your employees to act with knowledge and clear, detailed guidance. An Employee Handbook builds your credibility as a leader and strengthens your daily operations.

Coaching & Workshops

Team building and conflict resolution are two of the most common needs facing small businesses. Utilizing a collection of behavior assessment tools and proven practices, we help shape your hiring, culture-building, and leadership development through customized, interactive experiences that address your goals. We help you cover the bases and then some.

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