Having the right people on your team can accelerate the success of your business. In order to maximize talent and potential effectively, it’s up to you to provide clearly defined expectations, strategies, policies, and operating standards. After all, high-performing teams require high-performing environments.

If that’s what you’re building, let us help.

Creating an Employee Handbook

At Allora, we take a customized approach to helping you find, grow, and retain the talent you need in order to operate a thriving business.

We work with you to build your Employee Handbook from scratch or revise your existing handbook. 

Partnering through this process allows us to guide the development of critical policies and procedures designed to set clear expectations for your team, create a positive work environment, and strengthen your credibility as a leader.

Essentials of an Employee Handbook include policies such as PTO, leave, emergency closings, and more. 

The clearer your employee handbook, the greater your outcomes.

Hiring the Right People

It’s no secret that it takes time, strategy, and consistency to build a positive, respectful work culture. One bad hire can wreak havoc on everything you’ve worked tirelessly to create.

Don’t face the challenges alone. We’re here to help you locate, hire, and onboard the right team members. With an understanding of the characteristics and skills you’re looking for, we’ll search, validate, and interview candidates, as well as create processes and checklists for future hiring opportunities.

We’ll customize a structure that gives you the tools and confidence you need to expand your team the right way.

The stronger your hiring practices, the greater your outcomes.

Growing & Retaining Your Team

The only thing better than hiring the right people is keeping them.

At Allora, we know high-performing individuals require consistent growth opportunities. We partner with you to analyze your existing growth strategies and work together to develop new ones. We provide leadership training for executives and middle managers, along with team-building workshops designed to improve common challenges, such as problem solving, communication, and changes in the workplace.

We customize an effective system for conducting annual reviews and employee goal setting, and we guide and provide resources for developing important annual gatherings, planning retreats, and holiday celebrations. At Allora, we help you cover all the bases.

The smarter your growth strategies, the greater your outcomes.

Advising You on Critical Standard Practices

You can’t operate your business without hiring agreements, compensation packages, and employee benefits. These standard protocols must be in place in order to attract the right talent and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Don’t spend valuable time developing these practices when we’re here to do the heavy lifting for you.

We partner with you to build your human resources toolkit and be available for consultation when a challenge surfaces or you need more information on an emerging issue or law.

Don’t let your hiring practices prevent you from developing a dream team.

The more advanced your HR strategies, the greater your outcomes.

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