Rebounding When an Employee says, “I Quit.”

Hiring good talent is harder than ever; keeping good talent isn’t any easier.

We hear it every day. Hiring and retaining quality talent remains one of the biggest hurdles facing businesses of all sizes and industries. The latest data shows over 10 million job openings in the U.S. but only around 6 million unemployed workers.

If you’re constantly asking yourself when the situation will change, the answer is different for everyone depending on where you fall in the new remote-work revolution.

According to ADP Research Institute’s People at Work 2022: a Global Workforce View, 7 in 10 workers considered a major career change this year, which helps to explain the high turnover rate and increased competition for businesses to provide better benefits, pay and flexibility.

A report by the BMA Group says 55% of job seekers on ZipRecruiter are looking for remote work, a trend that indicates people are continuing to put more emphasis on their lifestyles rather than their financial goals. Higher salaries are taking a back seat to more modern benefits like a four-day workweek. The “Great Reshuffle” is also affected by the number of mothers who have not yet returned to the labor force and the number of new entrepreneurs.

As painful as it is to hear the words “I quit,” you’ll rebound much faster if you have a plan in place and people to help. You can maximize your time by outsourcing your HR needs, including talent searches, communication strategies, and Employee Handbooks.

Here’s some advice until you’re ready to make the outsourcing leap.

  • Be Patient
  • Don’t Settle
  • Don’t Drag Your Feet
  • Be Open-Minded
  • Examine Company Culture, Compensation & Perks
  • Develop a Plan for Retaining Top Performers

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— Kat & Ashleigh
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