It’s Time to Plan Your PARTY!

Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of summer, which means the start of school, hurricanes, and—yes— holiday planning! You now have less than 15 weeks to stress about holiday dinners, family gatherings, and the ultimate gift ideas, but what about your companies holiday party planning?

It does not have to be stressful, but it does take time and coordination. NOW is the time to get started – trust us! Follow our five steps to make things as simple as possible.

1. Budget. Event planning can get out of hand, so be sure to start with a budget so you know how much you can spend on the things that are important to you and your business. Lower budget parties are just as fun as parties with a large price tag. Working with a corporate event planner will help you design and stay within your budget.

2. Venue. The location sets the experience – don’t mess it up. Your venue can be as grandiose as @LowndesGrovePlantation or as intimate and laid back as you wish, such as @LeonsOysterShed. The question to ask yourself is, “Where will my guests feel most comfortable?”

3. Food and Beverage. Your food and beverage might depend on your venue selection. Some venues will ask you to use their preferred food and beverage vendor – don’t get scared of these options. It may be easier to coordinate all of your needs with one point of contact. In the event your venue allows you to bring in outside food, get creative! Consider having a popular food truck such as @TheImmortalLobster, @RebelTaqueria, @KrystynasPolishFood, or @BraisedintheSouth. For a fun branded dessert option check out @PureFluffco or @charlestonchocolatiers Who doesn’t love taking home a wonderful dessert home to the kids and sitter!? Food and Beverage is a memorable experience to guests. Let’s be honest, we always remember good food and spirits!

4. Music. Don’t overthink it. Depending on your venue and your ambiance, you can choose a band, DJ, or have someone in the office put a playlist together for the party. Working with a full-service entertaining agency @EastCoastEntertainment is the easiest way to review your options and most importantly, stay within your budget.

5. Decor. Your guests are going to remember the venue, food and beverage, music and overall atmosphere before they analyze your décor. Flowers and candlelight are important and can add to your party, but there is no need to overdo it. Creativity is the best! Use various vases from home or get the team involved and have an office flower committee bring personal arrangements. Get creative and make it fun!

If you remember nothing else, just remember to have fun and be creative. There is no “right” way to party! Still not sure where to start? Ask us!

— Kat & Ashleigh
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