SOPs—Not ONLY for the Military.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are near and dear to my heart. Whether training employees or having a great reference on how to complete a task, this is your “go to” document. There are times you complete a project or task a couple times a year, and quite frankly, I can’t remember everything!

Workplaces with no SOP are typically are operating in chaos. Whether it’s a little or a lot of chaos, it’s still chaotic for you and your team.

What are they? They are written instructions for employees to use to help guide the process of daily operations. It should describe major job functions and how to complete common tasks.

Why do we need them? Being a successful business owner, you already have standard ways of conducting business. Having a written, living, breathing document will 1.) Help employees as they are onboarded so they can learn the business faster and know where to go for information 2.) it sets a consistency for the business so your employees and your clients will know what to expect 3.) Repetitive/standard tasks can be completed by anyone in the company which allows for a smooth transition between employees or while someone may be out for an extended period.

It will save your company TIME and MONEY!

How do we get them? All too often, we don’t know where to start, how to start, or when to start. It doesn’t matter where you start in your process. You will end up touching on every part of your businesses process during your experience.

1. Start anywhere

2. Start typing, start writing, start talking, start listening

3. Start NOW

Take one thing that you do every day and write it down. Give the document to someone who doesn’t know what you do and see if they understand how to complete your task. BAM! You have started your SOP.

SOP’s should be accessible to the people on your team. This is your teams’ operational resource for common tasks and projects in your business. Your business should be able to run without you. SOP’s provide a standard for your organization!

When business gets better, life gets better.
— Kat & Ashleigh
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