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We’re problem-solvers, project managers, process developers & curators of talented teams of serious-minded professionals. It’s how we help you transform your business to achieve a better balance of workplace priorities and ultimately build the life you want.

Our outsourcing solutions remove time-consuming, critical responsibilities from your plate and generate improved productivity, increased sales, optimized talent, and renewed momentum in marketing, special events, and office management.

By overseeing the details of some of your day-to-day operations challenges, we give you time to focus and room to grow.

Count on us to pick up the ball and run with it.


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Allora co-founders Ashleigh Metherell and Kat Leitner interview business owners and managers about the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurship, team building, and the discomfort of wearing too many hats. We share personal experiences from the trenches and thoughtful recommendations for escalating operations one strategic step at a time.

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Learn the Truth Behind Every Small Business’s Need for a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual from Outsourcing Pros Kat & Ashleigh.

Tips for Developing Your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual

1. Write down everything you do. 

Not only will this help you start creating your manual, but it will also help you develop an outline for the table of contents. 

2. Schedule time to assess and update your manual. 

Our businesses are ever-changing, requiring us to update procedures and policies annually, if not quarterly.

3. Take advantage of tools like Trainual.

Trainual helps you create a searchable, trackable SOP manual that your employees can access anywhere with a mobile app. 

4. Add helpful notes.

If a process continues to evolve, include a note in your manual telling employees to seek further clarification from their manager. 

5. Add videos.

Video instructions can enhance your manual with action-oriented demonstration. Also, we encourage clients to include a welcome or another appropriate message from the founder. 

For more information about our SOP manual services, email us at info@allorasg.com.

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