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For businesses of all sizes, the road to success is paved with workflow efficiencies, reduced overhead expenses and collaborative cultures that keep dedicated teams focused and on track.

If that’s your ultimate destination, Allora Solutions Group can help you get there.

Modern outsourcing solutionaries with a genuine passion for problem-solving, Allora helps businesses navigate the day-to-day challenges associated with people, process and performance.

They evaluate roadblocks, get to the heart of what’s slowing you down, and develop a customized roadmap that addresses your operational needs with a combination of forward-looking expertise and proven real-world strategies.

They guide you through solution execution and connect you with top-tier professionals skilled in the areas of support you need most.

By eliminating headaches and increasing productivity, Allora helps you improve your business, which improves your life.

Our Story

Our Story

Show us a problem.
We’ll show you a solution.

After years of running operations for a variety of companies, Kat Leitner and Ashleigh Metherell decided to combine their expertise to build a modern outsourcing solutions company committed to helping businesses maximize their potential.

“Businesses thrive when their leaders have more time to focus on growth, innovation, and sustainability,” Ashleigh says. “By identifying the inefficiencies that are holding a business back, we can originate solutions that can transform day-to-day operations and quickly accelerate success.”

Diverse backgrounds in finance, sales, and human resources give Kat and Ashleigh a seasoned perspective on what it takes to make better hires, generate more leads, boost workflow, and achieve enhanced outcomes.

“When business owners try to wear too many hats, it weakens their effectiveness and leaves little time for creativity or planning,” Kat says. “We encourage clients to outsource jobs or functions to qualified experts so they spend more time enhancing their vision and focusing on growth.”

Kat is a graduate of Presbyterian College and studied at the University of Technology at Sydney and James Cook University in Cairns, Australia.

Ashleigh is a graduate of Sweet Briar College, is a SHRM-CP, and earned her CLF® through The American College.

Allora is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina.


Let’s solve something together.

If you ask us, success in business generally comes down to three things – people, process, and performance, which is why our service offerings cater to many of the common challenges associated with these critical organizational pillars.

By working collaboratively with clients, we can zero in on goals, remove barriers to success, provide access to top-talent and curate the kind of operational steadiness that drives lasting results.

Partnering with You to Build & Strengthen Your Team

Let us help you:

  • Create or Revise Your Employee Handbook
  • Source, Interview, and Onboard Employees
  • Develop Strategies for Growth & Retention
  • Provide Guidance on Employee Benefits, Agreements, & Compensation

Partnering with You to Design Policies & Procedures that Optimize Results

Let us help you:

  • Build a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual
  • Develop Processes to Improve & Streamline Workflow
  • Design Solutions to Meet Your Technology Needs

Partnership with You to Elevate Productivity by Managing Critical Projects

Let us help you:

  • Develop a Roadmap for Your Office Relocation
  • Plan and Execute Your Next Corporate Event
  • Curate Optimal Solutions for Your Growing Digital Needs


Working with you and for you.

From our office in South Carolina’s low country, we proudly work with businesses of all sizes, across all industries. We treat clients with kindness and respect and establish relationships that are built to last. Your problems become our problems, and together, we design and execute practical solutions.

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